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Holistic Healing

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Holistic Healing

You may find that holistic methods can enhance, complement, or replace traditional healing methods to help you through grief. By considering these options, you may find the right combination of methods that will lead you towards peace of mind.


Based on traditional Chinese practices, acupuncture involves the insertion of very fine needles into strategic points of the body. It is believed that acupuncture stimulates your body’s energy flows and improves overall health. Some acupuncture providers offer specific grief and loss healing, which targets particular points in your body that deal with emotion and letting go.


Aromatherapy uses essential oils and fragrances to stimulate physiological responses for mental and physical health. Essential oils come from various sources, including flowers, wood, leaves, herbs, spices, and fruit. By combining oils that evoke strong, positive responses, aromatherapy can be used to treat grief symptoms and improve mood and mental health.


Yoga has deep physical and spiritual foundations that can aid in healing after a loss. Practicing yoga can allow you to harness a new body-mind connection, control emotions through positioning and deep breathing, and gain new perspectives on life and self.


Reiki is a spiritual Japanese practice meant to treat both your body and mind. It involves a reiki practitioner placing their hands over strategic points on your body in a soothing way, as the practitioner’s palms transfer your life force energy and restore your body’s equilibrium. Many find it to be deeply relaxing, as well as a wonderful healing practice.

Crystal Bowl Healing

Crystal bowl therapy focuses on the healing power of sound. The crystal bowls are set to different frequencies, creating sounds that resonate with the body. These ringing sounds are said to have healing effects on body and mind and can be immensely peaceful to listen to. Crystal bowl singing is used in music therapy, meditation, yoga, religious services, relaxation, and personal well-being.